Yen Endraal Kaadhal Enben in re-shoot


Yen Endraal Kaadhal Enben was launched with a lot of hype. But, with the Telugu version being panned by the critics, the makers are re-shooting portions of the Tamil version now.

A source close to the project tells us, “The makers were unsure whether to release the film in the same way, owing to the poor reception of the Telugu version. This made them defer the project to ensure they rectify all the faults, considering Ram, who is from Chennai, was finally debuting in Tamil.”

This led them to re-shoot some of the scenes of the film for its Tamil release. When contacted, Ram’s spokesperson said, “We are re-shooting a couple of scenes for the Tamil version and changing a couple of scenes, this is why there is a delay.”

When asked if the poor show of Endukante… Premanta! (the Telugu version) was a reason, he retorted by saying, “This has nothing to do with that. We are making the Tamil and Telugu versions different.”

Ironically, Ram, in a previous interview had told Chennai Times, “We will release the Tamil version three weeks after the Telugu film. This way, we will be able to give equal attention to the release and promotions of both the films.” Now, this makes us wonder what the story behind the delay really is…


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