Will Tamannaah Reach New Heights With Veeram?


005Tamannaah Bhatia has definitely come of age. After working in multiple industries and delivering hits, she has become one of the few actresses, who has been most sought after by Hindi, Tamil and Telugu industries. Now, the glam doll, who was last seen in full-fledged role in Venghai in Kollywood, is making her comeback with Ajith Kumar’s Veeram.

The 24-year-old had avoided signing Tamil films post Paiyaa. Many in the industry were speculating that success had gone to her head. Tamannaah Bhatia kept herself busy in Telugu films most of time and accepted a few Bollywood films. This had irked a section of Tamil audience as she did not sign a single film in last two and half years (Venghai was signed much before).

But those words did not bother Tamannaah Bhatia as she repeatedly said that she was not ignoring Tamil films rather good offers from Kollywood were not coming her way. After being part of a couple of hits in Kollywood, the actress was not interested to sign a Tamil movie for the sake of doing a film. However, her wait to bag a biggie was realised when the Veeram offer knocked her doors.

Tamannaah Signed Without A Second Thought

Tamannaah had no hesitation to accept when Veeram came her way. Firstly, it was because the film starred one of the biggest stars of Kollywood. Hence, she signed the film without a second thought.

Reasons Why Tamannaah Signed Veeram

The actress realised that working with Ajith Kumar would give her a good experience as well as add value to her profile. So, in spite of being busy with multiple films, she grabbed the opportunity.

Siruthai Connection

Adding to that Tamannaah could not say no to director Siva, who had given her a hit earlier in the form of Karthi’s Siruthai. The trust that she has on him also made her to take up Veeram.

Tamannaah Made Right Decision

Her decision to accept the film appears to be right as Tamannaah is getting good coverage from media and wonderful response from general audience.

Significant Role

She will be seen in her usual glamorous outfits, but reports say that her role is not just limited to running around the trees rather Tamannaah has some key scenes in Veeram. Her character plays a significant role in the story’s progress.

Will Veeram Change Her Fortunes?

Industry watchers say that her fortunes could change if Veeram opens up to positive reviews and become a hit. More importantly, it would take her to new heights.


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