When Tammanaah cancelled her USA trip for Rebel


For the past 10 months, actress Tamannaah has been busy with the shooting and promoting Racha, Endhukante Premanta, Yen Endraal Kaadhal Enben, Rebel and Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu. Tamannaah had planned for an exotic holiday with her family, but she reportedly had to drop her plans at the last moment due to the movie Rebel.

A source close to the actress says that Tamannaah had planed to sail from the USA to the Caribbean islands with her family, but her fate had different plans. The producers of Rebel wanted her to shoot some portions in Bangkok. So they called her over phone, when she was about to leave with her family for this exotic holiday.

The source adds that Tamannaah and her family members were very disappointed and her parents wanted to cancel the trip. But the actress requested them to go on the trip sans her. Later, she left with her brother to Bangkok for the shooting of the movie Rebel with actor Prabhas.

However, it was Tamannaah’s idea to go on a cruise trip for a holiday. She gave it a miss in a bit to obey the call of the Rebel producer and it shows her dedication to her commitments. she said, “I do regret missing out on it… because of me even my brother couldn’t go. But, I am happy for my family who enjoyed themselves.”

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ali abbas
ali abbas
8 years ago

tamanana app ki movies hindi me dubbed koun nai hoti
reply me must

8 years ago