Upasana Took Care Of Tamannaah – Industry Buzz


Upasana-TamannaTamannaah Bhatia has been diagnosed and treated for Covid-19 in Hyderbad only at a time when she is actually shooting for her upcoming film and web series. “Although my team and I have been very disciplined on set, I, unfortunately, succumbed to #COVID19 and is recovering” is what Tamanna said, sharing the news that she got discharged from the private hospital.

Reports are now emerging that the moment Tamannaah complained about fever and other symptoms, she was sent to Apollo Hospital for quick care. And it is her good friend Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni, who is said to have taken extensive care of her. They say that Upasana arranged best in class treatment for the actress owing to the fact that the milky siren is close to the mega family from a long time.

Some say that Tamannaah has quickly recovered because of the special attention given by Upasana. But then, the coronavirus that is infecting people in Telugu states seems to be quite mild that the recovery rate is almost 85% and people who are fit and fab like Tamannaah won’t take time to quickly get rid off the virus.

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