Try to look your best while travelling: Tamannaah


Tamannaah TravelTravel Plans – I usually plan my travel last minute due to my hectic and erratic schedule. Whenever I get some time off, I try to whisk away for a short holiday, usually with my parents.

Travel Style – I plan my travel as per the situation. If I travel for work, I am well prepared – stocked with everything I could possibly need — clothes, medicines, thermals (if needed) and healthy munchies. However, if I’m heading for a vacation, I travel light, leaving enough luggage space for all the shopping I love to do.

Foodie moment as a Traveler – I love experimenting with local cuisines and try eating whatever is locally available. For instance, I wouldn’t miss the bagel and cheese in New York. I have not one but several foodie moments from every single trip, however, the creme brulee I had in Paris is worth mentioning.

A Travel Lesson – Always keep your valuables, especially your passport very safe.

Scariest Travel Moment – I almost got swindled by a bunch of thugs in France.

Travel Tip – Pack as per your needs. Consider the weather conditions, but yes, while travelling, do try to look your best – you don’t travel every day.

Travel Bucket List – Egypt, Bora Bora, and Antarctica

Pet peeves – Falling sick while travelling

Best Family Holiday – My annual trip to the US with mom and dad

Next Stop – London for work

Must-pack Items – Sneakers, a pair of jeans, my shades and my favourite jacket. And yes, all important medicines


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