Third place is all that we get : Tamannaah


The gorgeously beautiful Tamannaah is also an incredibly practical actress. When asked recently about the prominence of a heroine in our films, she said ” A heroine always takes the third place in order of importance. First place goes to hero and second place goes to Villain. Heroine comes after that. Very rarely, Heroines get equal weight with the hero. Thats fine as long as the movie is successful”.

So no women centric characters then? “Women centric roles are fine and they sound very exciting. But they are extremely risky and they are very tough to pull off. It may be fine once in a while, but otherwise, regular cinema is the thing that works”, she said.

Tamannaah won applause for her performance in the Ram Charan starrrer ‘Racha’ recently. She will be starting work on Power Star Pawan’s ‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’ and she will also be seen in ‘Rebel’ with Prabhas very soon.



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