There is No Problem between Shruti & Me : Tamannaah


Tamannaah & ShrutiTamannaah has asserted that there is no ‘misunderstanding’ of ‘cold war’ going on between her and Shruti Haasan. There was a Gossip that, Tamannaah and Shruti Haasan were at loggerheads with grabbing each others film offers and celebrating the others film failing at the boxoffice cutting cakes.

Tamannaah is making a ‘comeback’ in Tamil films with Ajith Kumar’s Veeram which is to release on Pongal next month. Unlike her earlier films where she appeared like a glamour doll, it is said that she plays a typical ‘Tamil girl’ in a deglamourized role in the film.

Tamannaah obviously wants Veeram to do very well at the box-office as it would provide her a ‘perfect platform’ for her comeback after more than two-and-a-half years.

She feels she has a meaty role in the film and is happy that the sequences featuring her are full of sentiment which could help her find popularity among women in particular. Ajith plays elder brother to four in the film which is expected to have all sorts of ingredients such as emotion, comedy, action, etc. befitting its billing as a ‘perfect mass entertainer’.

While asserting that she hopes for an auspicious beginning to her ‘second innings’ in Tamil, Tamannaah expresser her displeasure at questions asking what’s wrong with her and Shruti. “There is absolutely no problem between us. it’s purely the making of the media. We aren’t intent in grabbing each other’s film offers… we go about our work casually and it would be better if the press stops creating mistrust between us,” says Tamannaah.


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