“That’s not me” – Tamannaah On Social Networking Impostors


Tamanna about Social NetworksAt last count, there are at least 10 Tamannaah Bhatia that one can find on social networking sites. So which one of these is real? Well, the answer is – None!

This superstar heroine from down South, who would now be making her Hindi screen appearance with Himmatwala, has never been active on Twitter or other platforms. This also translates into the fact that if at all her fans and followers are interacting with someone named Tamannaah on social media, it’s a fake.

“Yes, these are fake IDs. I am not on Twitter or Facebook. In fact I have never been.”, says Tamannaah.

Incidentally, same holds true for others associated with ‘Himmatwala’ as well. Sajid Khan, the film’s director, has stayed away from the temptation and doesn’t intend to join the bandwagon either.

“Moreover, Ajay Devgn is there on Twitter but he too is very selective about his posts”, says a web-watcher, “He may tweet once in a while but has seldom been known for going ballistic with promotion of his films. On and off he writes about his family as well but by and large, he too isn’t overtly crazy about the social networking platform.”

Incidentally, despite boasting of over one million followers, guess how many people Ajay Devgn follows. Well, the answer again is – ‘none’! This also makes him the only Bollywood celebrity to boast of such a stand.

Now that’s indeed being Himmatwala!


  1. Don’t worry my dream girl Tammu babe,I’ll comfort u to make u feel super happy forever!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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