Tamannaah’s Theory on Heroine Life Style


Tamannaah Bhatia is one of the top heroines in the film industry. The actress, in her latest interview with a popular Tamil daily, said that contrary to people’s perception, life of an actress is not always happy.

“I’ve been in cinema for 15 years and working hard without break. I am unable to eat what I want to, and always work hard to maintain my body and looks. Sometimes strenuous workouts and hectic schedules keep me on my toes. I envy other women who have a free lifestyle,” Tamannaah said.

Tamannaah further said that actresses have to be ready with a smile and hide their personal problems when they are in front of the camera. “People think actresses have fame and money, but they are not aware of the difficulties we undergo”, she said, also adding, “I’m not saying that there is no room for happiness in the film industry, but people should understand that we are sacrificing so much for our survival.”

Actress Tamannaah will next be seen in Kalyanam’s Naa Nuvve and a film starring Sundeep Kishan.

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