Tamannaah’s Talent To Control Rumors


Definitely, it will be a big time for heroines to get the crew around them under control. This is mainly related to the spreading of gossips about them regarding their closeness with heroes. Milky beauty has got this special talent to do that it seems.

The best thing to stop the spreading gossips is by maintaining close relationship with hero’s wife or girl friend. Right now, Tamannaah is doing the same thing as her red-hot glamour will allow everyone to cook something for her with the hero so easily. ‘She quickly strikes a friendship with the wives of heroes. This in turn helps her to restrict her hero not to make any advancement’, revealed a unit member of Racha.

In a recent interview Tammu babe shared her closeness with Upasna who dropped down on to the sets of ‘Racha’ a couple of times. Indeed this helps our milky-beauty to move up in the ladder quickly and professionally.

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