Tamannaah’s Red Hot Neeta Lulla Gown


Tamannaah Bhatia and Neeta Lulla

The Filmfare South Awards 2013 was a huge event on the social calendar. The Southern stars put on there best for the Filmfare South Awards 2013. And how could superstar Tamannaah miss the opportunity! She was quite sizzling in a single shoulder red gown. Tamannaah’s gown was from Neeta Lulla’s couture.

Tamannaah’s Neeta Lulla gown fit her quite perfectly. She teamed it up well with a slender metallic belt. This gave shape to her curvy body. While we loves Tamannaah’s Neeta Lulla gown, something was not quite right about her look. The red gown looked splendid on her but the styling was just not right.

What went wrong with the look was her turquoise bracelet that was bit too flashy. And frankly, the suave Neeta Lulla gown that Tamannaah was wearing was quite marred by this huge turquoise bracelet. Had the bracelet been a little more dainty, it would have given the ensemble a perfect edge. Besides, the bracelet did not match her earring at all. If Tamannaah was aiming for a contrast look, she should have matched her earrings with her bracelet.

Another put-off about this look was the hairdo. Tamannaah’s Neeta Lulla gown was quite contemporary in design. That is why we are unable to understand why she choose a vintage hairstyle with this look. May be the urge to have a different and unique hairstyle at the Filmfare South Awards 2013 spoiled the look.

So we love the Neeta Lulla gown that Tamannaah Bhatia was wearing, her entire look did not impress us well.

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6 years ago

She looks so pretty