Tamannaah’s Marriage Plans..!


Die hard beauty admirers can now stop bleeding in their hearts after reading the heading. Here is the inner matter. Milk White Tamannaah is having a great stay in Tollywood nearing to reach the Numero Uno position. While her hot looks have created unhealed bruises in young hearts,  Kollywood gossiped that Tamannaah’s parents are hunting for a groom.

Although it would not be a wise decision on the part of Tamannaah to get married at this peak stage of career, this is what she has to say for Fans. ‘I am presently very busy with three very big projects in making stages. After completing them, I would go back to Tamil by 2012 mid or 2013. Marriage in near future is totally ruled out topic in my case. Folks…I am a young girl still in early twenties. How could I go for it? I may think about marriage only after three more years from now on.’

So, here is bharosa folks…Tammu will remain a hot bachelor may be till 2015.

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  1. hi thammu i am ur bigest fan  i love u soooooooooooooooooo u acoting………………….. i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Plz dont get marry till u reach 30years bcz without u movies are seems to be like the garden without flowers. If u like to get marry i am the correct one to u, will u marry me i like to with u for ever, love u from bottem of my heart

  3. TAMANNA u have absolutely taken the correct step for your career..i do agree with you..anyways i have waited a long time to have a talk with u but ultimately failed ..will u spare me a few valuable moments for me


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