Tamannaah’s exhibits her expertise in culinary skills


Tamannaah is creating sensation not alone in South Indian movies, but also in Hindi cinemas. Tamannaah’s has is expert in cooking.

As Tamannaah is busy in Telugu movies, she has signed up for Hindi movie Himmatwala. Recently released Telugu movie ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ is running in theaters. In a development, Tamannaah seems to have prepared a cake in Five Star Hotel in Hyderabad and taken people by surprise.

Tamannaah is expert in cooking. She is used to cooking at her house.

There was invitation from Five Star Hotel in Hyderabad where Tamannaah was asked to prepare a cake. Tamannaah mixed the recipes in a bowl. Within few minutes Tamannaah prepared a delicious cake. Those who participated in the program tasted the cake and appreciated her.


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