Tamannaah as Rani Rudrama Devi?


Among the current generation heroines, the focus has been more on sex appeal and coming up with delicious figures because the demand for glamour quotient has been high. But there are hardly any starlets who can evoke the right kind of emotion and come up with a performance impact.

One among the exception is the milky white beauty Tamannaah. Right from the start of her career, Tammu has been maintaining a strong confidence about herself and now she evolved as a performer. This has caught the attention of the noted moviemaker Gunasekhar, according to sources.

So now, the buzz is that Gunasekhar is keen to take off with his ambitious project which revolves around the life of the famous warrior queen Rani Rudrama Devi. For this, Gunasekhar has been reportedly looking towards Tamannaah to step into this historic role. Many say the role is meant for Anushka and only she can do justice but if the news about Tammu is true then it will be a tough fight.

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