Tamannaah prefers to work with big stars only


TamannaahGorgeous Tamannaah seems to like only the company of top stars and big heroes in Tollywood since she thinks it gives ample score for her to prove her talent!

Speaking out her opinion, she said, “It’s a big advantage to act with star heroes. At the same time, it is very difficult to act in regular commercial movies because most of them are hero centric and the heroine is restricted to a few scenes and songs. So we have to make an impression with limited screen presence.”

Explaining why she thinks it is worth doing a small role in a big star’s movie, Tamannaah says, “Basically the magnitude of star hero movies is huge. The overall viewership and reach of the movies are enormous. So in the limited time we have on screen, if we can create an impression, then we have succeeded, so that is the main reason why I prefer to act in commercial films with big stars.”


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  2. Tamanna rocksss.She is the meaning of most talented actress,dancer,learner,most beautiful angel in the whole universe and very down to earth


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