Tamannaah Is Tamannaah, What A Presence!!


F2: Fun and FrustrationMilky beauty Tamannaah has come to Tollywood a decade back and is hanging around here even though many flops have said ‘hi’ to her. Though she gets many flops in a row, one good movie will keep her career back on track all the time.

Currently, Tamannaah is enthralling Telugu audiences with “F2: Fun and Frustration” and her role of Haarika in the movie is getting superb applause. Though most of the times the character has the major job of flaunting glamour on the screen, it explains why hotties like Tamannaah are needed in commercial films for the awesome screen presence.

Despite being younger to Tamannaah, Mehreen looked cute and chubby but never she looked like she is in the moment. However, whether in dramatic comedy scenes or in songs, milky siren is always there scorching the screen on fire. Whether her body language or terrific display of curves or her dialogue delivery (she dubbed herself), she just did it with panache.

Rather bringing a new heroine, having Tamannaah onboard surely does half the job of a director and she brings that star-glow to the film easily. F2 proved it again!!


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