Tamannaah in her Own Voice


tamannaah dub her own voiceWe all know that most of the heroines in Tamil Cinema do not dub in their own voices in the movies they act. The main reason for this is because they are new to the language or their slang might not suit the nativity of the role they play. It is nice to see the efforts the actresses put in, to learn a language that is completely new to them and dub for it.

Recently, we had noticed that Tamannaah had dubbed her own voice in the cameo she plays in Nannbenda and the actress had pulled it off very convincingly. The boldness in her voice lingers as a standout element for her, apart from her dashing looks.

Tamannaah apparently knows both Tamil and Telugu and it would be really interesting to watch her on screen delivering dialogues with her own voice.

Every heroine has a unique voice, which by itself is an element that helps recognize the heroine – just like Rani Mukherjee’s husky voice that a lot of people are a fan of.

It would be great to see heroines coming forward and trying to render their own voices for the characters they play.


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