Tamannaaah Wants Dusky Skin Tone than Fairy

According to Tamannaah, the obsession for fair skin is overrated and the social hierarchies based on skin color need to be debunked.


TamannaahIf the actress who looks like a brand ambassador for being called a ‘Milky Beauty’ has no qualms to look dusky, 10 shades darker than what she really is, then one must welcome the change and appreciate Tamannaah Bhatia for being a game to look dusky in her upcoming movies ‘Devi 2’ and ‘Sye Raa’.

It was in ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ for the first time, filmmaker Rajamouli could visualize her in a dusky avatar. After a brilliant performance in Baahubali, filmmakers now seem to prefer leading actress, Tamannaah Bhatia, in her dusky avatar. Apparently her appearance in Rajamouli directorial has so impressed some filmmakers that they want her to adopt the same dusky look for their films too. The actress has apparently given her thumbs up for the suggestion. Sources say the actress has done close to 50 look tests to perfect her on-screen dusky look for her upcoming releases A. L. Vijay’s Devi 2 and Chiranjeevi’s Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.

“I have been tanned to 10 shades darker and almost every time I have two different make-up kits on sets which is quite exciting. It’s a welcome change to see filmmakers not endorsing fair skin colour on sets. The roles for both the films are challenging and I am fortunate to constantly get roles that challenge me as an actor,” shares Tamannaaah.

According to the actress, the obsession for fair skin is overrated and the social hierarchies based on skin colour need to be debunked. “It’s high time the film industry starts rejecting the fairer beauty standard and this deep rooted, internalised racism. There needs to be a sense of inclusivity even when it comes to colour and not just gender and caste. Embrace your melanin. It doesn’t matter what shade your skin is. The unfairness of a standard which holds fair skin as the ideal is actually a dangerous cultural obsession,” states Tamannaah.

The actress is quite happy that filmmakers aren’t after fair skin. Fair skin colour had been one of the most important things for actresses in the past and now, dusky skin is said to be the latest cool. Tamannaah wants to sport a perfect dusky look and hence, she underwent 50 look tests for adopting the dusky skin look. Besides the dusky look, the actress is quite happy as she thinks that the characters offered to her in the above-mentioned movies are challenging. At the end of the day, we are happy that the milky beauty’s mindset is welcome to look the character rather than just expose her fairer skin.


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