Rebel Music Review


After a couple of classy entertainer, Prabhas is back to his forte mass entertainers with the film Rebel in the direction of Raghava Lawrence romancing the beautiful actresses Tamannaah and Deeksha Seth. Lawrence himself scored the music for this mass entertainer after initially roped Thaman has walked out of the film. So, let’s see how far Lawrence impressed the music lovers.

1.Keka Keka

Singers: Llyod Paul, Satyan

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Rebel takes off with Prabhas Keka Keka, a western fast beat song sung by Llyod Paul, Satyan and penned by Ramajogayya Sastry. For Prabhas fans, the song reminds of Darling Gum Gum song and it has a typical Thaman style as well. The duet song has a good scope for dance but the music dominates the singers and the lyrics fail to attract you. Hope the video catches viewers attention as the teaser has shown Prabhas dancing outstandingly.

2. Deepali

Singers: Karthik, Priya Hemesh, Divya

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Deepali is a slow paced melodious song and the lyrics penned by Ramajogayya Sastry are simple yet pleasant. The melodious voice of Karthik is an asset for the song while Priya Hemesh, Divya lends their good support. The composition is quite simple and such songs grabs attention with the videos. However, don’t be surprised if Deepali reminds you of Mani Sharma’s good old songs.

3. Google Search

Singers: Andrea, Shravana Bhargavi

Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla

Listen to the track and you will understand Lawrence has lifted the tune from Lou Bega Mambo English album. Despite Shravana Bhargavi and Andrea crooning with loads of energy for this urbane track, the music dominates the singers’ vocals and the lyrics can hardly get onto you. As seen in the trailers, this is the solo song of  Tamannaah who danced beautifully and this can be its saving grace.

4. Orinayano

Singers: Malathi, Vijay Prakash

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Oorinayano aka Rebel title track is in typical Tamil mass style that might be liked by the hard core mass songs fans. The lyrics penned by Ramajogayya Sastry are below par. The instrumentation is heavy and the beats are loud. Singers Malathi, Vijay Prakash did an okay job. However, it has the potential to attract the front benchers if shot well and the classy music lovers can happily skip the number.

5. Keka Keka(Remix)

Singer: N Akash

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Lawrence has remixed the Keka Keka track and this is listenable for the singer Nakash voice that suited pretty well.

Final Say:

All in all, Rebel songs might impress you on-screens with Prabhas and Tamannaah’s stylish dances but as per the audio, music composer Raghava Lawrence’s lack of experience in music department is clearly visible. Music is loud with heavy beats and has dominated singers’ vocals. Prabhas had exceptional music albums earlier and looks like Rebel is the weakest of all. Hope the music composer cum choreographer Lawrence will attract the audiences’ attention with his stylish chorography for Prabhas.


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