Ram Charan teases Tamannaah about marriage


Ram Charan and Tamannaah have become good friends thanks to Racha. The film was shot for more than eight months and as a result of that the two actors share a good rapport both on and off the screen.

Recently, in an interview, the duo spoke about the film and their lives in general and Tamannaah said, “Most of the actors I had paired up with are getting married.” Case in point – Allu Arjun, NTR, Karthi and Ram Charan himself. Already Prabhas’ mother is reportedly searching for a good match for him.

When she brought up the topic of marriage, Ram Charan replied, “Act with Rana. Then it’ll be your turn to get married.” He was referring to Genelia, who got married just weeks before the release of Naa Ishtam. The conversation between Ram Charan and Tamannaah was on a lighter note and we hear that Tamannaah couldn’t stop giggling when Charan replied to her statement.

Well, it remains to be seen if Tamannaah will follow her friend’s advice or not. lol 😛

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  1.  not only that TFC but also he kept 1 condition……i.e she should act with him only even though if at any time if she will face a interview with ram pothineni and unfortunately if ram pothineni would ask her whom should she wanted to act once again if she would get a chance but as ram charan put his condition so, she has to reply as she wants to act with ram charan only non other than him………


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