Racha – Movie Review


The Story:

Rachcha is the story of a young lad, Betting Raj (Ram Charan Tej), whose passion lies in winning the bets. Ones he wins a bet in a car race with another young guy, called James (Ajmal). Miffed with the victory of Raj, James waits for a chance. At this moment, Raj’s fostered father (MS Narayana) fell ill and to cure him, Raj needs money. James enters then and offers a new bet of ‘love race’—of making a young doc, called Chaitra (Tamannaah), daughter of a Big Shot Ballari (Mukhesh Rushi) to fall in love with him in 30 days. Raj, by using all his mental and muscle power succeeds in winning the heart of Chaitra and make her to even elope with him. At that time, Ballari tries to kill her saying she is not her daughter!

While Raj and Chaitra were running for life from the goons of Ballari, James saves them and explains the flash back of the childhood of Raj. After knowing the past reality, what did Raj done to fulfill the aim of his father, matters the rest of the story of well expected turns and twists!

The Performances:

It is an out-and-out Ramcharan’s film! The story, plot and scenes were driven by the Hero alone. Ramcharan has tried his level best to come out of the image of soft hero of “Orange’ and succeeded in presenting himself as the Mass Action Hero. His strenuous efforts can be seen in the action sequences and dance steps.

Tamannaah as the leading lady is glamourous enough and played her part well. Mukhesh Rushi, Kota, Dev Gill played the baddies, while Brahmanandam as Rangeela Master and Ali as Love Guru Paparao added comic tinge to the story.

Tamil Senior Hero, Partheeban’s role as the father of the hero is somewhat raises the spirits. But his prowess was under-utilised!

The Technicalities :

Sampath Nandi’s direction and story narration needs much improvement. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography elevated the mood and intensity of the scenes. Mani Sharma’s music compositions, except the title track are just passable. Chinni Charan’s pen in “Miluku miluku silaka” song made certain magic with hummable words. Paruchuri’s dialogues sparkled at times.


Overall, Rachcha is a total mass action flick only caters the thirst of the fans but fails in attending the Entertainment Quotient jof the general audience. It is a routine potboiler with regular story line, which reminds the likes of ‘Bunny’, ‘Chirutha’, ‘Magadheera’ etc. in certain scenes.


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