Leonardo DiCapiro Excites Tamannaah


tamIf there is any Hollywood hero after Tom Cruise, who has immense following in India, he’s none other than Leonardo DiCapiro. Ever since his “Titanic” has hit cinemas in 1997, he became a favourite of desi cinema lovers.

Saddest thing is, this talented actor got nominated for Oscar awards 5 times earlier as Best Support Actor (1 time), Best Actor (3 times) and Best Film Producer (1 time) but never won. For the 6th time he got nominated by the Academy for Best Actor in Leading Role for “The Revenant” movie. While the Oscars are due for February 28th, Leonardo is winning Best Actor trophies at Screen Actors Guild Awards and BAFTA awards.

Reacting over his BAFTA win, milky beauty Tamannaah tweeted, “Cant tell y’all how happy I am for Leonardo DiCapiro! Such a well-deserved win at the BAFTAS 2016! My love for him just keeps growing forever!”. The whole world wants to see Leonardo win an Oscar. Hope that dream comes true.

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Shivaputra kademani
Shivaputra kademani
4 years ago