“I will enter Bollywood once I am prepared” – Tamannaah


Tamannaah denies reports that she has hiked her remuneration to Rs.One Crore.

Talking about it, she said, “We should not take them seriously. There is no truth in it. I haven`t signed any new film other than the existing commitments. And I haven`t quoted the figure that you have mentioned.”

“The day I sign a new film and quote such a price, you guys will know,” she added.

On her Bollywood entry, she said that she is yet to sign a movie though offers are coming on her way. “I am lucky to get such opportunities but right now, I am pretty busy with my movies here. I will enter Bollywood once I am prepared,” she replied.

When asked about what she feels about her tag, `Queen of Wet Songs`, she smiled and said, “It was a wonderful experience doing the song, `Vaana Vaana Velluvaye`, that was originally performed by Chiranjeevi gaaru and Vijayashanti gaaru.”

Does she have any star in her mind she wants to act with? “There are many stars I have not yet paired up with. I am not dying to act with any star in particular. When time comes everything falls in place,” Tamannaah responded.


    • tamanna i want u only to act in tamil film and i dont want u to act in any other language i love u tamanna if i have other birth i should born u baby or like your face

    • hey u were right but as she was busy in other projects.So, she not signed the project of mahesh babu or else she would have only done the upcoming movie of mahesh babu……..- it’s true 

  1. If u act with maheshabu it will be good to ur life nd u will get a big stardum…if u not act with maheshababu u will be a unlucky heroine to maheshbabu…u told that i acted with all stars ..wht abt maheshbabu..he is not a staraa..

  2.  No… Tammu Don’t go Bollywood… Dirty Industry… Always Remaking South Films… Better You Sty in South India & Do Tamil & Telugu Movies… !! Please…. Please… Dont go there :((

  3. ….i will be grateful when i see u in front of my eyes…my all dream will come true when i can talk to u..if its like for a blink of light then though i can feel like i m in the heaven…tamanna if i can see u..n if u want then i can bring u the heaven under ur feet..luv u….n miss u….though its a madness…but love is like that.. its a recalcitrant things ..u dont have any control on it..


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