I am a global actor Now – Tamannaah


TamannaThough Tamannaah had begun her acting career at the age of 15 in a Bollywood production, it is benign to call Tamannaah Bhatia a south sensation, particularly after her enormously fruitful role in Baahubali. With the shooting for picture’s sequel going on, the heroine speaks with media about her ride in Tollywood, her Bollywood disasters and more.

Did your career graph have a big change after Baahubali?

I consider that the picture was very active in altering the way public look at me. I used to have a girl-next-door image before the film, which has certainly changed after that. The movie also aided me to bag numerous big scripts. Being part of such a big movie has made me be accepted by more people. I consider that the content is very significant. I want to do pot boilers and my profession has been a flawless balance of both.

How is the shoot of Baahubali 2 going?

We are having a bit of shooting in December, after that I will be done with the movie.

What grips you back from doing more Bollywood movies?

When I am doing a Hindi movie, I don’t want to do it since it is a Bollywood movie. I wish to do it if it has a good story. I also have a reliable line up of Tollywood flicks. I am very cautious when I take up a Hindi project, so I hold back. I am listening to many scripts right now, and it’s nice to do movies outside of the Southern movie industry.

How did you respond when your Hindi movies failed at the box office?

Possibly if I were a newcomer, I would have a sturdier reaction. However, since I have gotten numerous hits and flops down south, it wasn’t upsetting for me. It is not around a big movie or a small one, at the end, it is all about what the public is watching. Occasionally, even unpopular movies have astounding content. I wished to do movies that excite me.

Were you funding on those Hindi movies, which didn’t work?

No, I didn’t have to since I am having a stout base down south. I still lay my heart and soul into doing those movies yet. Failures never exaggerated my profession, as the amount of work I have been doing is huge. The failures showed me what sort of movies I have to select in the future.

Gratitude has been deluging in from both industries. How does that make you feel?

It is always supportive when you do movies in diverse languages. People come to me when there is a multi-lingual venture and they want to cater to more than one film industry.

Do you feel that Tollywood industry is good for you now?

When I initiated working down south, I didn’t even discern that the south film industry is so great. It’s not about language for me. It is about how I feel attentive in the script or not. I am a global actor. In future, if you put me in a French movie, I am quite able to mould myself into the character. It is not just about Southern and Hindi movies for me.

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