Endukante Premanta – Movie Review


Handsome hero Ram and gorgeous beauty Tamannaah teamed up for the film ‘Endukante Premanta’ and the movie has been directed by Karunakaran. A product of the prestigious Sravanthi Movies banner, ‘Endukante Premanta’ has released worldwide today. Music has been scored by G.V.Prakash. Let us see how the movie is.

Story :

Ram is a happy-go-lucky person. He is not bothered about anything and doesn’t take life seriously. He is sent to Paris (wonderful presentation of Paris Vineyards is very appreciable) on business purpose and very soon realizes that his father (Siyaji Shinde) has sent him there to learn the lessons of life.

The Indian Ambassador (Suman) to France is very possessive and protective about his daughter Sravanthi (Tamannaah). Her father takes care of her very well, but she doesn’t enjoy much freedom. She is a girl who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. She chances upon Ram and seeks his help to slip away from her father’s security and fly to India. The film takes an interesting turn. Why did Sravanthi choose Ram to escape? What is a link between the two? The story shifts to India and how all’s well that ends well happens is the crux of the entire film.


Ram delivers a power packed performance in the film and his dancing ability is impressive. This film shows that he is right up there with the very best dancers in the industry. His expressions in key emotional scenes and his comedy timing are very good.

Tamannaah looks beautiful in the movie and she gives a convincing performance. She has balanced herself nicely between the various emotional facets required for this role and she once again proves that when it comes to performance, she is second to none. Anu Hasan is good as Ram’s Atthayya.

Brahmanandam’s entry is good as Principal Pandu Rangarao. Shayaji Shinde is ok as Ram’s father Krishnayya. Krishna Bhagawan manages to entertain to a certain extent. The film’s visuals are very pleasing and Europe has been captured beautifully.


Cinematography by Andrew is very impressive. His portrayal of Paris and its Vineyards are extraordinary and has never been captured by others on Indian screen. Editing by Venkateshwara Rao is apt and nothing extraordinary to talk about. The major disappointment comes from the music department, though background score at few places is a standout. Dialogues are catchy. The film, which has twists on two occasions, failed to thrill the audience due to its slow pace narration. The first half of the film is interesting and we are promised of a wonderful fare ahead, but somewhere the director ends up churning a stale second half and dull climax, which could seriously affect the prospects of the film.

Verdict :

‘Endukante Premanta’ is a very ‘different’ love story and its appeal will be limited largely to multiplex crowds. Great visuals and nice performances from Ram and Tamanna are great assets for the film. On the flip side, errors in the story,slow narration and faulty screenplay limit the film’s appeal. If you want to see a love story which is slightly different, you can watch Endukante Premanta. But go without any expectations.

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8 years ago

the big big big big fan of Tamannaah…………………………so cute